Friday, March 14, 2014

Why Tenaciously Teal?

My name is Tarah Warren, and I was 29 yro when I  was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer in 2012. Since then I've had two surgeries, a full hysterectomy, and sixteen months of chemotherapy. Why Tenaciously Teal (T. Teal)? Well pink seems to get a lot of love, and rightfully so, because pink has permeated communities, resonating with people as a medium for Breast Cancer Awareness!  Teal represents Ovarian Cancer Awareness, a disease that annually in the U. S. 22,000 women are diagnosed, and around 15,000 lose their battle to the deadly disease. It is amazing to think about the lives saved through the simplicity of a pink ribbon, and I have high hopes  women, sisters, wives, and mothers will be saved because they knew the meaning behind the color teal, and took a vested interest in their health by seeking answers and asking questions.

For me, when I think about a fight against Cancer,  it invokes an image of strength and tenacity! Being tenacious means clinging to or not easily separate from a sound principle, and during my Cancer battle God has been where I've clung. Even in the darkest days I found when you ask He gives you strength on good days, and somehow carries you when life feels hopeless. Throughout this battle God has given me Hope through a mission to encourage others fighting Cancer...Spreading Light in darkness through simple acts of kindness. Along the way the idea for Tenaciously Teal and Cancer Care Packs evolved, and what began as bringing 10-15 Care Packs with me when I started chemotherapy in January of 2013, quickly brought the realization more were needed, and  hundreds to thousands were hurting.

Now with the help of family and friends Tenaciously Teal has grown from a few acts of kindness  to a network of encouragement, offering 40-50 Care Packs every twenty-one days in line with my current chemo regiment,  scheduled through April 2014. After chemo ends T. Teal  and Care Packs will continue, along with other ways to meet additional needs including;  books, magazines, blankets, or pillows, "Brave Shave" parties for women, and restaurant certificates, and gas cards for the marginalized fighting one of life's toughest battles!

As our mission and outreach grows, T. Teal was honored to become an incorporated Non-Profit Charity on March 6th  2014, hours before my thirty-eighth chemo infusion. I never would have guessed this journey would lead to an organization to assist other Cancer fighters, but God works in mysterious ways.

Tenaciously Teal's Mission : To support individuals and families throughout a Cancer battle by providing encouragement and support, along with services and Care Packs filled with helpful items for the fight.

I've chosen to look for  hope in this journey; hope God would heal me, hope I could help others, hope my journey will raise Cancer Awareness, and hope God would use this fight to help others struggling.

If you or someone you know has any questions about Cancer and its' treatment or you think T. Teal could help or pray for you in some way please feel free to contact us at: