Saturday, August 29, 2015

Farmers Corporate Care Packing Party

I was very excited when the Farmers Corporate Office invited me to speak at their Women's Inclusion Network event.  I was asked to share my story of battling Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, and how I used such a terrible disease as a catalyst to spread hope to those around me through the non-profit I founded during my treatment, Tenaciously Teal. In addition,  as part of the speaking engagement the Farmers employees hosted a Care Pack Party, and raised almost $1,000 to make over 50 Cancer Care Packs for patients fighting all types of cancer.

Like many, the Farmers employees were astonished to learn how countless individuals are out there fighting such a terrible disease with very little support or financial stability to afford going back and forth to treatment. Furthermore, no matter your socioeconomic status or the amount of friends you have Cancer is tough, and there is a lot of darkness associated with fighting the disease. A Cancer Care Pack gives fighters hope.

The Care Packs made by Farmers contained many things patients need throughout treatment, and each one contained a handmade card with handwritten notes and inspiring quotes. In addition, they all included a gas card for those drives back and forth to treatment. Following the Care Pack Party I had plans to take my grandmother to lunch for her birthday. One of her favorite things to do is to go on our monthly "Care Pack Runs", so I asked if she wanted to deliver some of the packs made at the Farmers event. Without hesitation she jumped on the opportunity with excitement. We were both so glad we went that day, because we came across three individuals in particular who were nearing the end of their fight, and appeared to be struggling. Everyone was overjoyed upon receiving the Care Packs and one individual even cried when they found the gas card saying, "  You have no idea how much I needed this, and what an answer to prayer you are". Finally, we met an 88yro women fighting cancer who had her niece by her side for support. When we gave her the Care Pack and the niece began to cry. She said, " This Care Pack was such a blessing, we were having a pretty tough day". Her aunt followed up by saying, "This token of love means so much. I have had the hardest two days and have been feeling very depressed, but this Care Pack changed everything".

We truly have no idea what our simple acts of kindness mean to others, and how it can change a dark day into a bright one! Thank you Farmers for inviting me to speak at your event, and all your hard work on the Care Pack Party!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I Should've Shaved My Hair Before it Landed on My Pillow

Thank you Cindy for sharing your hair loss story on our blog in support of our Brave Shave services for anyone facing hair loss to treatment.

 Here's Cindy's story..

Nineteen year ago, I, like so many of you, got the devastating news, " I have Cancer". I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and had an immediate hysterectomy. I was also told by my oncologist that I would go through chemotherapy and I would lose my hair.

I, being a vein women, whom liked her hair, found that to be as big of a loss as hearing the words   "You have Cancer". What would I look like without hair? What would my husband and children think when they saw me? What was this all doing to my life? So many questions raced through my head.

I began chemotherapy, and chose not to cut my hair. After round one, I didn't lose my hair and I thought "this isn't going to happen to me, maybe it won't fall out". After round two I began seeing hair in my brush. It was a Saturday morning and I woke up to a pillow covered with hair. My hairdresser was out of town, and I was devastated.

After many tears and panic, my husband call my sister and she called Anne of Anne's Wig Shop. She was very kind and met met at 8:30 AM to shave my head. As sad as I was there was a huge since of
relief, and now I could concentrate on my health and not my hair.

When I came home my family was sitting there and the first thing they did was rub my head. It was an amazing feeling to know they loved me for me and not my hair.

I wish there had been something like a Tenaciously Teal Brave Shave so many years ago. It would have been comforting to have a party planned by a group that had experienced what I was going through, and had advice for me going forward, which would've been one less thing to worry about.

The gift of a Brave Shave from Tenaciously Teal is something everyone should embrace to give you the freedom to take care of your health. T. Teal you are angels for throwing and sponsoring these parties for those facing hair loss to treatment!

My priest told me something so profound. He said, "take care of your health and focus on getting well and God will give you your hair back when the time is ready".

May each and everyone of you be healthy and live this beautiful life we are given to the fullest. I realized that the blessing of living and fighting to be CANCER FREE is much bigger than our hair.

God's Blessings,


*If you are interested in a Brave Shave email us at We provide venue, stylist, and appetizers, along with a cool shirt that represents your courage in shaving your head. You can also have your own personal stylist do the honors or we can come to your home. However you want to face hair loss with courage is awesome, we just want to support you!

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