Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Cancer Survivor and Thunder Fan spreads Joy through Care Packs"

It was very exciting for News Channel 4  to contact me about doing a story on the Non-
Profit Tenaciously Teal, and its' mission to spread love and hope to patients and families facing Cancer treatment. Of course, the news was interested in my connection to the Thunder, and we discussed the unique comparison between fighting for your life and fighting to stay in the playoffs. Some may say there is no connection, but I would be happy to argue that! The Thunder team has been a life line, and an escape from the realities of battling Cancer, not only for myself, but to many Cancer patients who are facing the toughest fight of their life!

For those not familiar with the OKC Thunder, they are also currently in a pretty rigorous fight. The first round of the 2014, NBA playoffs between the Memphis Grizzles and OKC Thunder has been brutal, not only on the players, but on the hearts of everyone who loves  and cheers for such an inspirational team!  This series alone has gone for four straight overtime games, which is the most ever for a playoff game in NBA history. The players may not have to go through CT Scans, blood draws, chemo, surgeries, and sickness, but they have had their fare share of hardships. I stand behind them no matter if they win or lose, as long as they play hard, do their best, and keep fighting! #fightlikeagirl #Thunderup #Wearethunder #tenaciouslyteal #cancercantstealmythunder

KD and I in 2013 at the beginning of my chemo treatment and
then again in March 2014 (reppin my T. Teal shirt)

                                                                   Link to:
                                                KFOR's News Story about T. Teal

Stephenson Cancer Center Commercial

One of the most exciting things that happened in the month of April was being asked to contribute to making a commercial for the Stephenson Cancer Center. Commercial making is tough work, and it is astounding to me how four hours of shooting shrinks down to a 1 minute commercial, but either way I am proud of the final product. I'm told a lot of the taping will be used for future advertisements, as well as utilized on the Cancer Centers website to provide information to people who are researching treatment centers. I am proud to be a patient of the Stephenson Cancer Center, and I hope to continue to find work advocating and talking with people about Cancer treatment and overcoming difficult trials! God is good all the time!

 See the Commercial Here

They wanted to tape
 a "lifestyle portion",
so  I told them I love Yoga.
They were sold on me doing
some yoga for the camera.

In the interview I talked about signs and symptoms
of Ovarian Cancer,what it has meant for me to have a state of the art Cancer research facilityin OKC, and how I conquered Cancer!