Thursday, September 3, 2015

OKC Yogafest 2015

T. Teal booth, shirts, and
photos of the journey
I was honored when the founder of Yogafest, Christina Forth, approached me about making T. Teal the benefactor of OKC Yogafest 2015. Christina told me that "giving back" is a primary principle of yoga, and so it was important to her that each year the OKC yoga community gave back to a special cause.

Christina and I instantly connected over our love of yoga! My love for yoga runs deep, although I am not the most graceful or well-trained, I believe my yoga practice was one important aspect that supported me in my fight against stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Most days, during my 16 months of treatment, I used yoga to help me mediate, relax, and maintain some strength.

OKC Yogafest 2015, was a great showcase of the principles and practice that guide many in their ability to navigate the stressful circumstances life has to offer. In addition, through the generosity of many and selling our T. Teal shirts we raised more funds to keep spreading hope to patients fighting cancer. Furthermore, many from the community came out to support the cause, grow and increase their practice, and showcase their art. OKC Yogafest had everything from acupuncture, food trucks, classes for all levels,Kidz Yoga Fairy Tent, and many fun vendors. Maybe the best part of OKC Yogafest, however, was the sense of community and acceptance felt by all in attendance. Whether you are just beginning your practice or you've already found the benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily life, there is something for everyone at OKC Yogafest!

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